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Why should you consider recycled bio-fuel?

With an increasing focus on recycling and more ecologically-friendly power sources, biomass fuels are fast becoming a mainstream alternative.

Whether your use is domestic or commercial, there are significant benefits to Pro-Chip, Caton Recycling’s wood chip fuel – it’s clean, cheaper to run and low-carbon.

Why Pro-Chip?

For over fifteen years Caton Recycling has operated from a farm that’s still in full operation and family run. The recycling and bio-fuel functions started when the family was looking for ideas that would complemented farming.

Now green waste and wood recycling are a major part of the farm’s activities and Pro-Chip bio-fuel is a significant and high-quality by-product.

Why does being a family-run farm matter?

As three generations live on the site and share space with both farming and recycling, we are 100% behind maintaining a healthy living space. That means every effort is made to keep the site and the products clean and safe.

But we also use our recycling products ourselves, as well as selling them to domestic and commercial customers. So we’re doubly incentivised to make sure the waste we process is clean and free from harmful elements.

How do we make Pro-Chip?

Pro-Chip is produced from pure white-wood waste generated by the farm and brought in. Keeping wood waste out of landfill sites is a major driver for Caton Recycling and being able to turn it into a valuable, low-carbon resource is important to us.

We make sure that the wood contains no laminates, chipboard or plywood. We also make sure it’s clean, with no oil-stains or painted surfaces.

Once the waste wood has been chipped it’s barn dried to below the recommended thirty percent moisture content (typically it’s fifteen to twenty-five percent). Dust can be a problem for some boilers and wood-burners so that is extracted too.

The resultant bio-fuel conforms to the G30/W30 standard which governs the size of the chips and their water content. It is also registered on the government’s Biomass Suppliers List which means it is eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.

Benefits of wood chip fuel

Clean-burning Pro-Chip, compared to pellets like Pro-Pellet, works out at between 1p and 2p cheaper per kWh to burn. There’s also no need to add anything to the fuel during manufacture, making it more stable.

Our plant in Warwickshire produces consistent quality so each load has the same chip size, water content and burn characteristics – important if you’ve committed to an eco-friendly bio-fuel.

Why not get in touch to see how Pro-Chip would work for you?