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The benefits of recycling wood waste

Nowadays, everyone tries to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Recycling, in general, is much more commonplace than ever before. In particular, recycling of wood waste has seen a surge in popularity after efforts to reduce the amount ending up at landfill sites.

Ensuring your wood waste is recycled properly is a simple step to ensuring you play your part in protecting the planet.

Spend less on tipping fees

Due to the fast-filling of landfill sites, elevated fees have been implemented to encourage individuals and businesses to find alternative methods of wood disposal. By choosing to recycle your wood waste, you can reduce your spend when clearing your home or site of waste wood.

Unnecessary fire risk

By having large piles of wood lying on or near your premises, you have a fire hazard sat there tempting fate. Whilst you may think the worst is never going to happen, accidents often occur in the strangest and most unforeseen circumstances. The best way to prevent this is to dispose of the wood by taking it to a licensed recycling facility.

Save the trees

Recycling wood, although it might not seem like it on a personal level, is an act of preserving natural resources. Tipping or burning wood waste removes it from the ‘life cycle’, meaning more trees will have to be chopped down to supply the demand. If the whole world chose to recycle their wood waste, the planet would be a greener and more healthy place to live.

Wood waste we accept

The wood that we frequently buy and recycle includes:

– Pallets
– Timber offcuts
– Clean wood waste.

Please note: we do not accept plywood, MDF, painted or laminated wood, oil stained wood or chipboard.

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