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How choosing recycled biofuel can help with safety

If you have an open fire or log burner, it’s important that you burn the right kind of fuel. If the wrong kind of fuel is chosen, your fire won’t burn efficiently and there could also be a risk of your chimney catching light.

So, what are the main causes of chimney fires and what can you do to lower your risk?

Unseasoned firewood

Green wood leaves deposits of extremely flammable creosote and sap on the chimney walls as it burns. A stray spark can easily ignite the creosote, starting a fire.

The safest way to ensure that your fire burns safely is to choose recycled biofuel, rather than using wood. Biofuel is seasoned and prepared so that it burns safely and efficiently, leaving your chimney clean and generating much less carbon than wood or coal.

If you have a log burner or stove, keep an eye on the height of the flames through the glass window on the front of the appliance, and adjust the vent to dampen the flames if necessary.

Infrequent cleaning

Cobwebs, dust, and twigs from birds’ nests that have fallen into the chimney can catch fire, sparking a chimney blaze.

You can prevent problems like the above by having your chimney swept at least once a year at the end of summer before you light your fire. If you light your fire on a daily basis, you should have your chimney swept more frequently.

Consider having bird cowling placed over your chimney pots to prevent nesting material from being deposited in the chimney.

Incorrect size appliance for your chimney and poor maintenance

It’s really important that you use the right size of appliance for your chimney. If you choose a log burner or stove that’s too big, it will never become hot enough to utilise all the fuel you put into it.

If the dampers on your appliance are not working properly, the fumes produced won’t be discharged out of the room via the chimney, exposing your family to the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. You should, therefore, have your appliance properly serviced annually to ensure that it is working correctly.

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