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Eco Friendly, Cost Efficient Wood Chip Fuel

Pro-Chip is a Biomass Fuel made from carefully selected recycled seasoned whitewood making it a fantastic, eco-friendly wood chip fuel choice, ideal as a domestic or commercial boiler fuel.

Pro-Chip Bio Fuel is dust extracted and quality checked to maintain the highest of standards. Conforms to G30 W30 specification and is registered with BSL (Biomass Suppliers List).


Key Features:

  • Pro-Chip wood chip Bio Fuel is barn dried to under 30% mc.(typically15 to 25%mc)
  • Pro-Chip is being used nationally and locally, we would be happy to show you our chip in use locally to us.
  • A certificate of analysis can be made available upon request.
  • Lower cost (typically 1-2 pence per kWh cheaper than pellets)





It is essential when using wood chip to get a wood chip that is of a consistent quality.

Here at Caton Recycling we barn dry our wood chip to keep it at a consistent moisture content and we take extra care screening our chip to as uniform a size as possible ensuring you get the best possible combustion.