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Our Recycling Plant Specialises in Wood Chips & Pellet for Bio Mass and Equestrian Menage.



Maximising our efficiency in manufacturing we keep our pricing very competitive whilst continuing to improve fantastic quality products.

Specialising in bulk loads between 7-20 tonnes at a time.

Caton Wood Chip for Equestrian Centres

Having supplied Wood Chip for Menage and bedding a number of years to the Equine industry we understand what our customers are looking for in our products.

  • Our wood chip is a high grade, hard wearing product
  • Horses are comfortable and perform well on it when used in a menage
  • More cost effective when compared to alternative products

Caton Wood Chip for Bio Mass Consumption

Maximum fuel efficiency and care of your Bio Mass boiler is our priority when manufacturing Bio Mass Wood Chip

  • We regulate the size of the wood chip to ensure the wood will not block the boiler feed system
  • We endeavour to  optimise moisture levels for the most efficient fuel consumption

Caton Wood Pellets for Wood Pellet boilers & Premium bedding for horses

Our wood pellets are triple dust extracted and are made from 100% virgin softwood saw dust.

  • 6mm Premium wood pellets
  • Sold in either 12.5 kg bags or bulk bags
  • 100% natural, no binders or chemicals added
  • A certificate of analysis can be made available upon

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