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Why you should compost your green waste

Green waste, which includes most things leftover after gardening or landscaping work, is a biodegradable waste product which counts for a considerable proportion of the UK’s waste output every year. By hiring professionals to compost your green waste for you, you can help yourself while doing your part for the environment, too.

Which ‘green waste’ can be recycled?

Many materials left over from gardening work can be recycled, including:

• Grass cuttings
• Tree stumps
• Branches and twigs
• Weeds and plants
• Hedge trimmings

Conversely, not all materials found in the garden are considered green waste. Stone, rocks, treated wood, glass, metal and dirt cannot be composted or recycled as green waste, these are better disposed of either by landfill or, in the case of glass and metals, through other recycling methods.

Better for you

Green waste can be substantial in size and isn’t easy to dispose of. If you’ve got a large amount of plant matter or tree branches to get rid of, you’re likely caught between hiring a company to dispose of it for you and making several trips out to the tip to get rid of it yourself. By hiring professionals to compost your green waste, you will save yourself time and money, and get your garden cleaned up in no time at all.

Better for the environment

Of course, choosing to recycle will also get you bonus karma when it comes to environmental pressures. Green waste can be turned into compost and used as soil fertiliser, while trees and branches can be broken down and turned into wood chippings. Whatever your green waste goes on to be used for, it’s certainly better than filling up landfills with matter that can be reused instead.

At Caton Recycling, we recycle all kinds of green and organic waste from skip hires, council kerbside collections, tree surgeons and private individuals. Get in touch to find out more about our green waste disposal services.