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Wow what an epic Badminton Horse Trials we had this year!

The cross country course, coupled with dire weather conditions caused more problems than anyone could have anticipated. Only 6 of the first  20 horses completed the course.

My heart went out to my favourite WFP as he retired following a fall in the Quarry, and also to the 2011 winner, Mark Todd.

Huge congratulations to Harry Meade who is back in competition following a fall which broke both his arms, finished 3rd overall. Well Done Harry and his horse Wild Lone.


Finally the winner had to be crowned. Sam Griffiths of Australia won the title and £80,000 prize money.

I don’t think anyone loses at Badminton. It’s a four star course with each and every one of its riders and horses putting in a five star performance. I am never left unimpressed by anyone. Its dangers this year have been more apparent than ever before. The riders and horses show such courage, skill and endurance over 3 days of what has proved to be fantastic sport.

Can’t wait for next year!